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  • Overall, the OS is more stable and in some cases more responsive, as described above.
    The organizer applications have received slight improvements. Each entry in the Contacts application has nine “Custom” fields, up from four in the T5.
    In addition to the basic organizer features, some of the built-in software for the TX includes:
    Versamail v3 – handheld email client. Supports POP, IMAP and Microsoft exchange protocols, and service providers such as Yahoo.
    Dataviz Documents To Go 7 Professional Edition. – A useful mini-office application compatible with Microsoft Office files. Documents To Go may be upgraded at a cost to versions that include the ability to open PDF documents. The included version however does not support Microsoft Office 2007. Only version 10 has this feature.

    A separate Adobe Acrobat PDF client, an eReader e-book client, and the Audible audiobook client are included on the software CD.
    Pocket Tunes v3 – An MP3 player. Additional features, such as codecs for unprotected AAC, WMA, etc, are available for purchase separately. Pocket Tunes replaces the T5’s RealOne Player, which had received many complaints. The included Player can now be upgraded to version 4 for free, which resolves many bugs and problems. However, features are still limited (with mp3 being the only supported file type), as this is considered to be a bundled version.
    Blazer v4 – Palm’s own web browser, optimized for hand-held browsing.
    Connection wizards for Bluetooth and Wifi, and a phone dialer. The Wifi utility can be used as a crude sniffer.
    Palm’s own Media application handles images (acting as a slideshow viewer, with multiple transitions) and video clips. The program has speed improvements versus prior releases.
    A client for Microsoft Exchange is included as standard. This client can also connect to Kerio Connect using the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.
    A client for Avvenu is included. This service allows the handheld to operate as a remote terminal for a networked computer which has also installed Avvenu.
    A client for MobiTV is included, though the user must subscribe to the service separately.
    The user interface is similar to the T5/Lifedrive/T3, except that a Wifi icon has been added to the status bar. The new icon has pushed off the ‘Home’ icon.
    The T|X loses the ‘Files’ file browser and the ‘DriveMode’ USB drive interface of the T5 and Lifedrive. However, the necessary hardware remains, so both of these applications can be added by the user if so desired.